Session 2: Mending Practice Experimental Field Trip.


  • Jessica Marquez is the maker behind Miniature Rhino, a handmade business named after a young cousin’s imaginary friend, a dentist called Dr. Rhino. Miniature Rhino became a symbol of creativity and imagination and seeks to inspire and teach hands-on skills through a line of embroidery kits, patterns, classes, and books. Jessica has taught throughout the country, internationally, and online in classes covering all things hand stitching, from embroidery, mending, sashiko, big stitch quilting, refashioning, and also photography. She earned an MFA in Imaging Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her work has been featured in publications including Grace Bonney’s (Design*Sponge) bestselling book, In the Company of Women, Real Simple, Bust, Country Living, and InStyle magazine. She’s written two books, Make and Mend (Ten Speed, 2018) and Stitched Gifts (Chronicle, 2012).

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Session Recap

On Tuesday, April 9, The Leadership Learning Community hosted Mending #2: Mending Practice Experimental Field Trip. During the session, we wanted to create a space for practicing visible mending and reflect on how this hands-on practice intersects with our conflict, healing, and transformation concepts. Drawing from our previous grounding conversation, we recognized the need to break away from conventional responses to conflict. This session offers an opportunity to practice a new skill, explore alternative approaches, and self-discovery. 

Why Sashiko? We chose Sashiko for its unique ability to address conflict or tears with hope and intention for repair. This traditional Japanese method emphasizes acceptance of the rift and the transformative power of mending, turning imperfections into part of the story and beauty of the piece.