Liberatory Leadership Webinar

Network Strategies in COVID-19 Responses


Ericka Stallings, Co-Directors, Leadership Learning Community, and Beth Kanter, Trainer, Facilitator, Author

Session Recap

The COVID-19 pandemic presents the leadership field with the challenge of responding to the crisis in our communities while learning to operate in fundamentally different ways. It also offers us the opportunity to reimagine how leadership in a Post-COVID 19 world could look. Stepping up to these challenges and opportunities will require us to be more nimble, innovative, responsive, and collaborative, attributes a network model facilitates.

Join Co-Hosts Ericka Stallings and Beth Kanter in an interactive webinar to explore how people utilize network strategies in their work as they respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic. In this webinar, you will learn about the unique way networks function and how a networked approach can support leadership development work as you adapt to the many ways the COVID-19 Pandemic has altered and continues to alter how we live and work.

  • To check-in and connect with other LLC network members
  • To share practical ways, tips, and resources to respond with a network strategy
  • To begin to shift our mindsets to longer-term positive outcomes